Satyajit founded Architecture Social Club in 2014 on a belief that great design comes from great collaborations.

He loves all things to do with conceptual design, performance arts, public projects & very shiny things.

After graduating, he worked in Sir Norman Foster's world-renowned architecture firms on projects in America, China, Brazil, India and even Leicester for some  bigwig clients which include Apple.

His penchant for spatial design started at Nottingham University, then developed further at The Royal College of Art & Cambridge University where he earned even more fancy letters after his name.

As a student in Notts he started what became nationally renowned events & artists management company Firefly which had a good run of over 10 great years. Running over 150 events with crowds of up to 10,000 he’s worked with artists like Hot Chip, Orbital & Justice & collaborated with and featured on various media companies including the BBC for Radio 1 broadcasts.

During this time he started playing with spaces to create mind bending wonderfully delirious experiences for the audience.

His varied history which started with him as a young boy in India, studying medicine before side stepping into architecture & leading various music industry companies from a young age, have helped shape his unique perspective on design & architecture. He’s been lucky to meet & work with a huge cast of creative talents along the way & with ASC is able to bring them altogether.